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As if you guys didn’t see this coming… It has been revealed that MTV ordered the “Jersey Shore” cast to sign a ‘VD clause’ in their contract which states that with whatever they possibly catch while filming the show, they cannot sue MTV for it. OH LORDY, the struggles of a reality TV star… 

We all know that “Jersey Shore” is one of those sexually fused aka SEX CRAZED shows so this contract makes sense, but really though? Really? SMH, this is something else. According to reports, Nicole aka Snooki and Deena are two of the cast members who have definitely signed the ‘VD clause.’ In it states:

“I acknowledge and accept, that the other participants have not been screened for any diseases, sicknesses or other health conditions (and specifically have not been tested for any sexually transmitted diseases) and I assume all risks of interacting with the other participants, including any consensual contact.”

In other words, what happens down at the shore stays at the shore — MTV doesn’t want to hear about it!

What do you all think about this part of their contract? Does it come as a surprise at all? Do you find it a little gross? Is it more gross that we’re STILL hooked on their dirty antics?

Share your thoughts below, we’d love to hear. Check out the full story here on Mail U.K.

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