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In case you guys missed the 2012 BET Awards last night. Here’s a mini recap of the all-star front row cast. Beyoncé, lil sis Solange, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Young Money…say no more. Boss status!

They all sat feeling like VIP royalty as they watched artists like D’Angelo, Chris Brown, Usher, Melanie Fiona, Tyga, Brandy, Monica, (and many more) perform their butts off. It seemed it was couples night as Bey and Jay sat alongside KimYe — who by the way were once again matching last night… Alright we get it, y’all are really dating. No need for excessive color coordinated outfits, PLEASE. (Was it just us or did Kim look kind of bored… she appeared to keep to herself for most of the night, hmm…)

Bey on the other hand was vibing in her seat, singing and dancing along to the show while looking hot as ever in her one shoulder bright yellow HIGH SLIT dress paired with a bold silver belt. #Werk What is a post baby body nowadays anyways? 

What did you guys think about the front row all stars? Did they hold it down last night? Share your comments below and check out the full story here.

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