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Many of us are guilty of rashing on the entire reality TV housewife fame, while it’s entertaining to watch their endless dramatics, it’s easy to say that these women are famous by association. So who’s NOT a fan of this industry? OG rapper/actor Ice-T. In fact, he even insists that his own wife, Coco, is more of a housewife than all of these women on TV nowadays. Last year he dissed the “Basketball Wives” and called them “Basketball Dumped Hoes.” POW POW POW. He added, “Are any of the ‘Basketball Wives’ even married??? …People love to call my wife a Hoe. Well at least she is a WIFE.” Hey, we must admit — he has a point there. Well played Mr. Ice-T, well played.

Just recently, he went off again on reality TV housewives and said, “I think its wrong to promote that when you’re successful that its a bunch of drama and pain. I’m looking at these housewife shows and these broads are mad. I’m like ‘B-tch! You in a mansion. How could you be mad?’ That’s disrespectful to people that have it bad and are struggling.”

In terms of his relationship with Coco, he says that since they’ve been together (a whopping 11 years), he’s “TRIPLED” his income because they help each other make money. So what’s the key to a happy marriage? According to Ice, he’s living by the rule “One down b-tch equals ten funky hoes.”  Oh please stop being so romantic, you’re charming us all with your sweet talk…

What do you all think about Ice-T’s insults towards the reality TV housewives? Does he have a point? Are these shows getting overrated? Can ANYBODY get into the club without having to be a wife? Share your comments below and check out the full article here.

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