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Vanessa’s due date is getting closer and closer and she couldn’t be any happier!

According to People, Vanessa is head over heels over her own pregnancy. “I love everything about being pregnant,” she said. Most first-time mommies have mini-freakotus and meltdowns as the due date nears–Vanessa is the exception.

The only concern that Vanessa has, according to People, is quite surprising, not to mention adorable: her belly button. “Some women’s belly buttons pop and some women’s [don’t],” the 31-year-old told Bethenny Frankel. Initially, Vanessa thought that she wouldn’t mind her belly button to “pop out,” thinking that it was cute. But apparently her stylist warned her that it may look like a third nipple. 

So what’s Mrs. Lachey’s preemptive strike against popping belly buttons? She holds her belly button in every time she sneezes. Doesn’t Vanessa sound like the cutest first-time mommy-to-be?

Is Nick as ready as Vanessa is about the upcoming third family member? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

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