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Here it is ladies! Terrence J shares what it is that we can do to make him or any other man swoon… manly swoon of course.

One of his key points was something we as women tend to overlook: presentation. Terrence J suggests that we dress the way  we want to be perceived. He states, “Dress respectably if you want men to respect you. If you dress like a hoochie mama, you’re going to attract the dudes looking for hoochie mamas.”

But what about Terrence J’s preferences. What makes him fall in love?

“I always just say it’s those intangible things.Whenever you say the cliché things… things like, I’m looking for someone who’s intelligent or beautiful. There are always people who are intelligent and there are always people who are beautiful. It really comes down to those intangible things. I fall in love with mismatched socks, or leaving hair in the sink. It’s really the intangible things that make you you.”

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