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Lindsay Lohan has had quite the difficult… couple of years, so these pictures are not so shocking. The actress turned misdemeanor queen recently had a photo shoot with Terry Richardson, a photographer who is known for his controversial pieces. Pictures from the shoot were unveiled on Richardson’s website, resulting in quite the uproar. The commotion was so bad that Terry was forced to take the pictures down. According to our friends at the Inquisitor, this is something he is often reluctant in doing.

One of the pictures is a shot of Lindsay with heavy eyelids and a slight pout holding a gun to her temple. Another shot, though looking quite provocative, shows her holding the gun to her open mouth. Concerning… yes we know.

Lindsay Lohan, once the red headed “It” girl every pre-teen wanted to be, never ceases to shock hollywood, but maybe just maybe this was all for art purposes. We know the calibar of Terry’s pictures yet we’ve also been exposed to Lindsay’s track record. It’s hard to tell if this was indeed  done in hopes of a creative shot, or if Lindsay was “out of it” during the shoot once again.

Do you think Lindsay has fallen off track once again?

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