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Kourtney Kardashian’s original plan was to give a natural water birth…until she actually realized what it was.

According to TMZ, the soon-to-be-mommy Kardashian personally witnessed a friend go through natural water birth; she was by the friend the whole time, witnessing the screams and the “horror” of seeing her friend get dunked into a tub of water without any anesthetics. Kourtney told her friends that the process looked “brutally painful” and changed her mind, reports TMZ.

Kourtney and baby daddy Scott Disick previously chose water birth since it’s supposedly a less shocking experience for the baby. However, Kourtney completely flipped 180 degrees and now demands the common Hollywood way of a mega-suite in a high tech hospital.

Kourtney is to give birth any day now–Kardashian fans, keep refreshing your web browsers!

Did Kourtney make the right choice is ditching water birth? Would love to have you comment below!

Not enough gossip? Get the full article from TMZ here!

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