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Ke$ha Gets Controversial Tattoo

June 28th, 2012 - Huff Post

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Small Bite: Ke$ha gets new “SUCK IT” tattoo on lip! #SayWhat!?

Full Platter:

First it was the picture of her urinating in the street, then she shaved the side of her head and glued on golden studs to her scalp, now she is showing off her new "SUCK IT" lip tattoo. But honestly, would you expect anything else from Ke$ha?

One would call it a cry for attention, but Ke$ha has been pretty spot on in maintaining her edgy and partially odd behavior. She has a blog full of pictures of people placing their beards in their mouth for goodness sake?

Are shocked at this tattoo? And what do you think she'll do next?

For more details head over to our friends at The Huffington Post.

Posted by: Yetti Ajayi-Obe