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Doesn’t it seem as though bad girl Ri-Ri has everyone fighting over her lately? What makes this situation different is that this time it was not over her affection, but for her safety.

While in London for the Hackney Weekend Free Music Festival, a brave paparazzi reportedly got a tad bit too close to the pop-star and was punched dead on by security. Though we are unaware of the exact damage done, we do know that the poor guy was KO’d.

This is not the first time it was been reported that the paparazzi have been involved in violant incidents and we’re sure it’s not the last. It was only last month when the video of Will Smith slapping a reporter went viral. And who can forget Halle Berry spazzing on the paparazzi not too long ago.

Come on paparazzi! Respect the celebrities personal bubble! It’ll be less painful that way.

Would you be able to handle be constantly followed by cameras and flashes?

For more on Rihanna’s Bodyguard and his fierce right hook, head over to Hello Beautiful for the full article.

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