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So while Miami Heats player Chris Bosh is celebrating his team’s championship win and sitting down with Oprah for an interview, his baby mama Adrienne Bosh is speaking out as well. It’s funny how the background basketball player can hit fame in the matter of weeks, and now his dirty laundry is being aired out for all to see.

During the time leading up to their NBA win, Adrienne revealed that she had applied for food stamps and lost her job as a secretary. Not to mention, their home is on the brink of foreclosure, and the child support money that he does pay ($2600 to be exact) is just not enough to make ends meet. Mind you, dude makes $18 million a year… just saying.

She also shared with reports that he even had her take fertility treatments, however they broke up when she was six months pregnant. She notes that nowadays it’s rather hard to find a job, although when she was offered a deal with VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” Chris actually sued the show and they fired her.

On one hand, we can see why any baby daddy would disapprove his baby mama on the show…I mean we all seen how the drama unfolded and how the cattiness turned violent quick — all of which painted a very poor picture of basketball wives in general. HOWEVER, you can’t hate on a woman trying to hustle some money for the kids, right?

What do you all think about Adrienne’s claims? Does something sound a little off? Are these reports all part of an attempt to make money? Or is it Chris who’s a little off? Let us know what you think.

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