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Jennifer Hudson, the previous spokesmodel for Weight Watchers, gave Jessica Simpson some advice to fit into those skinny jeans once more!

“Try not to snack with the baby,” the 31-year-old ‘American Idol’ alum said on ABC News. Jennifer also added that when she’s making cakes with her baby, she didn’t realize the calories she was consuming by simply licking the “stuff of [her] fingers,” reports AceShowBiz. True that, true that–all the frosting and leftover dough are still calories and fat after all!

Jennifer Hudson also advised Jessica to “Write down what you’re eating” in order to be more aware. As for the ultimate mommy workout plan, she recommended “being active” with the baby. Once that baby starts walking, you’re definitely going to be busy chasing her around, Jessica!

Hollywood moms are infamous for slipping back into fabulous bodies in a wink of an eye–well here are the deets! Would these tips work for you? Be sure to post your thoughts (and tips!) below!

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