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We were all left scratching our heads recently as it was reported that Bobbi Kristina ditched her father’s wedding to new wife Alicia Etheridge. You know how the story goes, daddy gets new girlfriend, baby girl feels some type of way towards the new woman in the house, baby girl and new GF get catty, new GF turns into “Hey, I’m going to be your stepmom,” and dad is left as the peacemaker… but did we ever think that BK would actually DITCH the wedding? We like to call this one, “Cinderella Problems.”

Aside from her hostile relationship with her dad, and the fact that she reportedly wanted to change her name, Alicia was the main reason why BK did not attend the wedding. According to US Weekly, Bobby Brown was calling his daughter like crazy and went through “great lengths” to contact her, however she never returned his calls.

When they did get a hold of each other, BK told a source to let her father know that “she was not going because she did not like Alicia, and that she was [busy] filming her reality show with [aunt] Pat Houston in New York.”

What do you guys think about Bobbi Kristina’s reasoning? Is it fair? Or a little bit cruel? Should she have at least made an appearance out of respect? Or did she handle it like a boss?

Share your thoughts below and check out the full article here on Hello B.

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