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If there’s one thing that’s important to Miss Amber Rose, aka soon to be Mrs. Wiz Khalifa, it’s family. She has reportedly decided to put her potential music career to rest in order to pursue family plans with her boo Wiz. Amber had been working on an album, however she chose to throw it in the back seat because she felt that balancing a family with music would be “a bit much.”

She also adds, “I’m 28 now. Me and Wiz are in love, and we’re thinking about having kids. To start a music career to like do shows and concerts, it’s just not in the cards for me.” Although, she wants you to know it’s not like we’re never going to hear from her — expect to hear her featured on Wiz’s upcoming mix tape. In the meantime, looks like Amber will be flipping through many bridal magazines and watching re-runs of The Martha Stewart Show.

What do you guys think? Can you picture Amber and Beyonce with their kids on a play date? More importantly, do you think Amber can tone down the risqué attire for a PTA meeting or a bake sale? Oh lordy. Only time will tell…

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