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Beyonce Moshes With Fans At Jay-Z, Kanye Show

June 25th, 2012 - YBF

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As if Bey couldn't get anymore ride-or-die for her man, she was seen this weekend getting HYPE with the crowd during her hubby's show. Chick was moshing like it was nobody's business! You would think that after hearing the same songs over and over again, she'd be like "babe, I get it -- you ball so hard mothaf--kas wanna find you..." but nahh, not this queen! Beyonce was going #HAM at Jay-Z and Kanye West's show for BBC's Radio 1's Hackney Weekend in the UK. Get itttt.

Sources say baby Blue was taken care of in a security area with earplugs as her daddy and uncle Yeezy hit the stage. The birthday girl Solange was also at the show with the fam.

Check out the footage below of the performance and Bey's hype skills -- fast track to the 20 min. mark to see the boys help the crowd set up a mosh circle.

What do you guys think about Beyonce's realness and clear love for Jay? Is she the type of wifey every guy would want? More importantly, what are your thoughts on those moshing skills?

Share your comments below and check out the full story here on YBF.

Posted by: Hoamy Tran




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