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How cute is it that Solange Knowles is still raving about her adorable niece Blue Ivy and how lucky she feels to be an auntie to her sister’s baby girl? In an interview with Hollywood Life, she recalls the moment that Blue Ivy was born was very special to her.

She also connected with Beyonce in the sense that seven years ago when Bey witnessed the birth of Solange’s son Daniel Julez Smith, Bey said that the birth made a huge impact on her life. Now the tables have turned and Solange feels exactly what she had felt that day. Aww. Solange added, “I’ve heard her over the years talk about how impactful that was in her life and then I totally understood that it is such a surreal amazing moment and it really, really puts life into perspective.”

What a great bond these two sisters have. We can only hope Bey pops out another girl so Blue Ivy #1 and #2 can grow up to be close just like Beyonce and Solange!

What do you guys think? Do these sisters need to keep adding to the Knowles clan already? Share your thoughts below and check out the full article here on Essence.

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