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Here you go folks, another dose of ugly in this Drake Vs. Chris Brown club brawl. NBA player, also known as Ex Mr. Eva Longoria, is suing the NYC club that was the center of the hip hop showdown for, get this — $20 million. That’s a whole lot of ugly.

The lawsuit claims that the club should have never let both of Rihanna’s exes in at the same time which means that the two rappers/singers could end up as defendants in this case. The San Antonio Spurs baller is arguing that the club security basically allowed for the fight to happen which resulted into a blood bath. The fight also caused an eye injury that Tony is suffering from, he says he was hit with shards of glass that is lacerating his cornea after bottles were thrown.

What do you guys think about this horrific mess? Does the club need to pay off everyone who was injured? Or should Drizzy and Breezy spare a chunk of their change to those who were hurt and items that were damaged? Let us know. Share your thoughts below and check out the full story here on TMZ.

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