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EXCLUSIVE Newly engaged Miley Cyrus out wearing no bra and a half shirt - Part 2

Miley Cyrus is not afraid to show off her body these days!

The 19-year-old was all about pulling off a rock-punk look with checkered flannel shirt tied around her waist, motorcycle boots, a short n’ tight white top and daisy duke shorts–the shorts left little to the imagination of her booty. The paparazzi didn’t miss this chance to take snaps of her walking, bending down, etc.

This isn’t Miley’s first dress mishap. She has been showing off a little too much of everything these days, especially with a recent nipple flash fiasco.

I know it’s hot out and she’s got a sexy bod and all, but is it all too much?

What do you think? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

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