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What better way is there to pull off a mature & sexy than to get a sweet little tattoo?

Looks like Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber secretly wanted to get inked up; the two were caught by the paparazzi near New York’s tattoo artist Bang Bang’s shop (Rihanna was just there last week!).

According to Hollyscoop, the couple wanted to “get the work done together” but could not decide on what kind of tattoo they wanted to get. Although we’re not sure what they’ll get tattooed together, it’ll probably be something sweet n’ romantic. Have your fingers crossed that they won’t try to engrave their initials on each other–there’s no guarantee of eternal love just yet!

Despite their young age, both stars have already been inked. Selena got a tattoo done on her right side as recent as last week. Justin even has a collection of body art with a Jesus on his left calf, the Hebrew word “Yeshua” (a.k.a. Jesus) on his ribs and a star on his left allow.

Keep your heads up for more details, hopefully coming soon!

What tattoo is manageable (yet not regrettable) to get as a couple? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

For more, check out Hollyscoop here!

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