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Ever heard of word vomit? Yeah well, it seems Mike Tyson wasn’t feeling too well this morning because during an interview on NBC Today, Mike blurted out that he had a dirty past with some dirty prostitutes. Uhhhh TMI Mike, TMI.

Funny thing is, Ann Curry had actually asked him about his vegan lifestyle, however his answer had nothing to do with veggies but more so on his past with hookers. Awkward turtle… He said, “There’s too many prison cells, jails, lawsuits, bankruptcies, women, venereal diseases, too many everything. I got tired of umm, everytime a prostitute girlfriend came back from a trip I had to sleep with them.” Wait…what!?

What’s probably even more awkward is Mike was actually on the show to promote his new Broadway play he is working on with Spike Lee. So when Spike tried to stop Mike from rambling about a whole lot of nothing, it didn’t work…Mike went on to add “I was a prostitute hunter.”

Check out the clip below:

Hey, we can’t hate a man for keeping it 100, right? Still crazy as ever but still honest, gotta love Mike.

What do you all think about Mike’s confession? Share your comments below and check out the full story here.

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