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For a man who raps about women in such a…disrespectful way (to say the least), we were quite surprised to hear about his interview with MTV when he reflected on his decision to pull the Young Money rapstress, Nicki Minaj, out of Summer Jam after a DJ slammed her with insults. In his interview, Lil Wayne says that “a woman should be respected at all times.” Oh. Is that so? That’s how you feel? Peep Wayne’s tracks “Alphabet B**ches” or perhaps y’all might want to check out “D**k Pleaser” ft. Jae Millz and “Prostitute Flange.” Granted these songs are a little outdated, but they don’t exactly parallel Aretha Franklin’s level of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Should we give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s changed his ways? Ehhhhh.

When asked about the Hot .97 Summer Jam incident, Wayne said:

“First of all, I approached the situation like this: that’s a female. First and foremost Nicki Minaj is a female. I don’t know what anyone else believes but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times. No matter what, when, where or how. So, as soon as she called me and said that she felt disrespected, I just declined everything. I pulled her from the show because first of all no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet. And like I said, she’s a female first and foremost so I expected the red carpet…in her manner the pink carpet to be laid out. It’s just an executive move. No bad feelings, no hard feelings, like I said in my opinion she said she was disrespected [and] that’s a woman. I feel like a woman should be respected at all times. Therefore I believe that I made the right decision.”

Like I said, if you know Wayne’s music you know this mentality does not show through in what he raps about. SMH. This is the same guy who often refers to females as “b**ches” and raps about them inappropriately, and not to mention in alphabetical order. Listen, we don’t doubt that you have respect for Nicki as a woman and as a female artist, although it’s a little hard to believe you regard all women in the same aspect after we hear your explicit and degrading tracks.

What do you guys think about Lil Wayne’s belief? A little inconsistent? Or is this Wayne speaking as a person and not Wayne the rapper? Share your comments below, we’d love to hear.

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