Jay-Z Faces Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘Decoded’ Book

Did ‘Decoded’ not all come from the mind of Jay-Z?

According to AceShowBiz, Jay-Z is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over his book, ‘Decoded,’ which was released in 2010. A man named Patrick White accused Jay-Z of stealing portions of his writing and using them in the book ‘Decoded’ without his consent. “My personal computer was compromised,” White claimed. He also stated that “various expressions” that’s in ‘Decoded’ is similar to his personal work.

Not only is he suing for copyright infringement, but he’s also slamming Jay-Z with a lawsuit for invasion of property.

‘Decoded’ is a song book that contains Jay-Z’s self-penned verses throughout his entire career; if these are not his, then Jay-Z’s gonna have more trouble than just legal issues…

Do you think Jay-Z would publish verses that are not his own? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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