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Update: Friends Question Fiancée’s Story Of Rodney’s Death

June 18th, 2012 - TMZ

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Small Bite: Could Cyntha Kelley be lying about Rodney’s death? #SOS #Sherlock

Full Platter:

Looks like there may be an untold story behind Rodney King's death!

According to TMZ, two close friends of Rodney King believe that his fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, is not telling the whole truth about the events leading up to his death.

Cynthia Kelley said it was just after 5:00 AM when she was awakened by King banging on the window, then heard him fall into the pool. However, sources tell TMZ that each time Kelley has told her close friends the story, the tale has changed "a little bit each time." Hmmm, could she be lying about something here?

The close friends must suspect something big since they've gone to the police and a detective to investigate. The Rialto Police Department declares that they will conduct an investigation and autopsy, but suspects no foul play.

Uh oh, this could be big drama if Cynthia has forgotten to mention anything... What do you think--is Cynthia just in shock or hiding something in the dark? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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Posted by: Heeso Kim