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RZA from legendary rap group ‘Wu-Tang Clan’ may be a little old for juvenile hall but, according to TMZ, the rapper will be spending Father’s Day weekend there. Not because he is in trouble–but to help.

Reportedly, he will be working with the L.A. County Probation Dept. to host a Father’s Day workshop at L.A. Juvenile Hall on Saturday. He plans to “educate the young men about their roles, responsibilities and expectations as fathers upon their release from juvenile hall.”

He will be engaging in several activities with the inmates such as teaching them how to change a diaper, dress a baby, and properly care for a child–nice!

That’s what’s up RZA. More fathers need to be involved this way with other young men and potential fathers, no matter what their circumstance. What do you all think of this? Leave your comments below. For more on this story click here.
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