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Looks like President Obama sent out an SOS to Sarah Jessica Parker for those stylish New Yorker votes!

Sarah Jessica Parker hosted a fundraising event at her house for President Obama and his fashionable wife, Michelle Obama. This was a $40,000-per-plate fundraiser where people like Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, Michael Kors and Meryl Streep attended. Put short, this just may be the most fashionable people gathered in one place for President Obama.

To the 50 or so people at Parker’s residence, Obama called them “the tie breaker,” which isn’t completely off, considering the average annual income of that little group. This fundraising event raised approximately $2 million–Sarah, looks like you’ve got some talent in the event planning field!

Will Obama get the “fashionable” votes of America? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

For more, check out E! Online here!

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