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Nicole Murphy Gushes About Boob Job

June 15th, 2012 - YBF

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Small Bite: @Nicole_Murphy gets some silicon boost to get her figure back! #PostBabyIssues

Full Platter:

Nicole Murphy is a proud mother of five, and she's not afraid to admit that she got a little silicon help to get her curves back in shape.

According to The YBF, the stunning 44-year-old "Hollywood Exes" star revealed that she got breast implants. "After nursing five babies, I had some saggy tits," she admitted. She was caught by the paparazzi, strutting her stuff in L.A.; wearing a tight white tank-top and shorty-shorts, Nicole showed off her new babies.

Can we blame her wanting to look sexy & hot? Her proudly admitting it just makes Nicole Murphy stunning inside and out.

What do you think--are boob jobs appropriate for a mom of five children? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

For more, check out the YBF here.

Posted by: Heeso Kim




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