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There’s no denying that Lil’ Kim’s look is one that is forever evolving. It seems that with every appearance she makes, we see a new Kim each time. Last weekend, the 37-year-old premiered yet another face during her performance at LA Pride. Kim’s cheeks seemed a bit puffier than usual, which might imply that she got cheek implants. However her lips looked smaller than they normally are. Hmmmm…what are you doing Kim!?

Aside from the fresh face, Queen B showed up in a curve-hugging sparkly gold leotard with a red velvet jacket. She rocked two outfits that night, flaunting every dip and curve to her body. Get it girrrrlll.

What do you all think about Kim’s latest work? Let the Queen do her thing? Or should she stop now before our rap diva becomes COMPLETELY unrecognizable?

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