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While the Houston Family is dealing with the aftermath of Whitney’s death on a new reality show that they just signed on to with Lifetime, Whitney’s mother, Cissy, has just partnered up with Harper-Collins to write a revealing tell-all novel about her daughter’s legacy. This might sound like a sweet gesture, a way to show the world the Whitney that her loved ones knew — not the roughed up image we often saw in the media. However, according to reports, Cissy’s sole intention is the money. Wait, what? Come again?

The book is expected to be released sometime next year, and while it will include the private details of Whitney’s life, sources are saying Cissy plans to depict herself as a “world class mother” when that is far from the case. SMH.

What do you all think about Cissy’s move? Is this a book you’d be willing to read? Share your comments below and check out the full story here on Hello B.

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