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Rihanna Dislikes Her Size Zero, Wants To Add A Few Pounds

June 14th, 2012 - Insider

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Small Bite: This girl could use some ice cream–with extra whipped cream! #LetsGetCurvier

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Thank you, Rihanna, for advocating that the real healthy is just not stick-skinny.

According to The Insider, Rihanna is unhappy with her size '0' and wants to get "chunkier." "I want my old butt back," she said. She admitted that she may have "overdone it" at the gym and that her crazy schedule has taken its toll on her.

"I went way too far," she admitted, according to The Insider. Isn't it bold and sexy of Rihanna to share her body issues? Who can blame her for wanting more curves?

Well Rihanna, we love you whether you're a size '0' or not, but we're definitely worried about your health!

Should Rihanna add a few pounds? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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Posted by: Heeso Kim