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What do you do when rumors spread that you’re a lesbian? You attend a gay pride event in New York City, duh. Just recently, reports came out that Raven Symone had been living as a lesbian with a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, in which she addressed and stated that she wished to keep her private life out of the public forum. So basically, she didn’t deny the rumors but she didn’t exactly confirm them either…hmmmmm.

Last night she hit up a LGBT event in NYC, which honored several of the city’s most influential spokespersons in gay rights. Raven showed up in two sexy outfits which complimented her slimming figure nicely. She wore two different printed leggings/jeggings accompanied with a black top and black stilettos. Despite the rumor control, Miss Raven was nothing but smiles. Do you girl, #WeAintMad.

What do you think about Raven’s appearance at last night’s gay pride event? The first step in her coming out perhaps? Or a middle finger to the press? Share your thoughts.

Leave your comments below and read the full story here for all of the details.

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