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Remember that time when you were little and your friends had that really dope club house but you chose to walk out, but then after thinking it over you kind of sorta wanted to come back? Yeah well, according to reports, that’s what “The Game” actor Pooch Hall is trying to do. #Awkward.

Last month, it was announced that Pooch Hall, along with Tia Mowry, would be exiting the BET hit show, which would cut off the storyline of their on-screen love affair as Melanie and Derwin. *tears* However, it was never really explained as to why they wouldn’t be returning to the next season. After it was released that there would be a new couple channelling the Mel and Derwin love fest, it seems Pooch Hall is now looking to get his foot back into the BET club house.

He spoke to the radio show “The Breakfast Club” and hinted that he wouldn’t mind working with both “The Game” and his other new project titled “Ray Donovan,” which is a Showtime series, if BET allowed him of course. He also said, “I’m just going to tell the fans [to] have faith. It’s being worked out,” he said. “I want to come back and don’t be surprised if I do come back.”

Soo, I guess that’s what the key is. FAITH. I know he’s messing with our emotions, but have some faith and our favorite boy toy, Derwin, could possibly be returning to our lives. Keep those fingers crossed ladies.

What do you all think about Pooch potentially returning to “The Game”? Could it mess up the storyline without Tia?  Share your thoughts below, and check out the full story here on Sis2Sis.

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