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Oprah Interviews The Kardashian Family

June 14th, 2012 - Necole B.

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Small Bite: Looks like @Oprah had some bonding time with the Kardashians–ALL of them. #WOW

Full Platter:

Who would have known that Oprah and the whole Kardashian family would come together?

On her show, Oprah will be airing her special interview of the Kardashian family on June 17th, this Sunday. This is quite fascinating since Oprah admitted to her fans that she has never met the Kardashians. In fact, she has never even watched their show, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' reports Necole Bitchie.

So why the sudden interest? Oprah posted a letter on Facebook that that one of the main reasons she chose to interview them was because she was fascinated as to "why they have become a cultural phenomenon." Hmm, excellent question.

Apparently Oprah did get the answers to her question and so much more--apparently Kim "leveled" Oprah with her answer as to why she divorced Kirs Humphries after 72 days. I bet you really want a deep, thoughtful explanation, too! Put short, Oprah claimed that this was an "eye-opening experience for her."

Well if it wowed Oprah, then I'm sure it'll wow us too! Be sure to check out the interview on OWN on Sunday.

Are you excited to see this special episode? What are you expecting from it? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

For the full scoop, click here for Necole Bitchie!

Posted by: Heeso Kim




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