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There’s no denying that Rihanna has been living it up lately. We can see that she’s been dwelling in the rockstar lifestyle from her Twitter page and Instagram photos, but has it gone too far? Is she worrying those around her?

Rumors are spreading that her boss man, Mr. Sean Carter himself aka Jay Z, is ordering RiRi to attend rehab or else he’ll drop her from his record label. Sorry Ri, looks like you can’t stand under Jay’s umbrella if you’re gonna keep acting wild.. ella ella ella. Sources are saying that Rihanna feels she “has no choice” but to listen to his demands. According to these reports, it became the “final straw” for the management team when she had missed her flight and gotten into some other foolery.

Uh oh, we’ll see how this one unfolds. Remember, uncle Jay knows best, so this could be a good thing if it’s really true.

What do you all think about Rihanna’s crazy party girl antics lately? Getting out of hand? Does she need to get treatment? Or is it all part of the lifestyle? Let us know.

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