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Where did Chris Brown get the nasty cut on his face from?

According to MTV, Chris Brown may have gotten in a fight with Drake. What could these two stars possibly duke it out over? Simple: Rihanna.

NYPD confirmed that it received a call around 4am about a fight between the two rappers; when cops arrived on the scene, though, the two had already left the scene, reports MTV.

Apparently the drama started when Chris sent a bottle (gin? scotch?) to Drake’s table; Drake then immediately came over to argue about Rihanna. And before you knew it, Drake punched Chris in the face and threw the bottle at him, reports MTV. The details of the brawl has not been confirmed, and Drake has not commented on this juicy fight yet.

Well, well, it seems pretty clear who started this brawl over a girl.

After the fight, Chris tweeted a photo of his injury and said, “Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!” Too bad he deleted the post–it seems like he re-thought his strategies after cooling down.

What happened to bros before hoes, guys?

What do you think about the Chris-Drake-Rihanna triangle? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

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