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Expect to see Mary J. Blige at next year’s Oscars because lately the woman has been racking up these movie roles. Hmm hidden talent? The “Rock of Ages” actress will be playing Malcolm X’s wife, Dr. Betty Shabazz, in an upcoming film titled Parallel Lives. The film encompasses Dr. Betty Shabazz’s relationship with Coretta Scott King during the 1960’s and is set to premiere on television.

Although the filming will begin sometime in September, the R&B diva has already been prepping for her role, she reportedly said, “I’ve been studying her online and watching her interviews.” Best of luck to Ms. Blige! She is showing us that there’s more behind those vocal skills.

What do you all think about Mary’s acting career? Do you plan to see her role in “Rock of Ages”? Let us know. Share your comments below and read the full article here.

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