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Have you heard? Meagan Good & her finance Devon Franklin are waiting until their wedding night to have sex. The two hope that their way of union will be an inspiration to other couples–this is definitely a twist compared to Hollywood’s usual stance on women & sex.

It’s as if a Disney fairytale came to life! Meagan says that this relationship is “completely different” and that removing the “physical intimacy” gave them a chance to really see what they were getting themselves into–the ultimate happily ever after, that is!  And trust me, Devon was as devoted to this whole “no sex before marriage” deal as Meagan was; he said that he wants their “marriage to be one of truth, one of love, and hopefully model God’s love, reports Necole Bitchie. Yeah, I’m sure they’re motivated by their religious beliefs, but how many faithful Christian celebrities wait till the wedding night for their, urm, consummation?

I think Meagan and Devon can safely be titled at the sweetest & most devoted Hollywood couple.

A relationship sans sex may be Meagan & Devon’s key to happiness and success, but would this work for everyone? Hmm, not so sure. Be sure to post your thoughts below!

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