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Having the Prince of Pop must have it’s ups…but it also has it’s downs. Daughter Paris Jackson tells Oprah on the Next Chapter show that she was bullied at school and online.

“They try to get me with words,” she says when discussing cyber bullying with Oprah. This more than explains why the 14 year-old ended up home schooling. Paris admits that she had “no idea” why people chose to bully her and was often unsure if they were jealous.

Ultimately, Paris has remained strong. She tells Oprah that she was too strong to let them win, and that the bullies’ attempts did not work. She claims that if “someone is being fake to [her],” then she will just push them away, reports Mail U.K. Paris reveals more about her childhood and her relationship with her dad, Michael Jackson, on Oprah’s show. Be sure to check it out!

The life of Michael Jackson’s daughter doesn’t seem all easy–what do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

Want more? Get the full dish on Mail U.K. here!

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