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The “Love & Hip Hop” star Chrissy Lampkin and her beau Jim Jones are taking their romance to the next level on TV! According to MTV, the two stars will be getting their own reality series–the title of the show is yet to be announced!

Chrissy is super excited about the new show, but she does warn her fans that they shouldn’t expect the “gladiator” fights that occurred in “Love & Hip Hop.” She claims that there’s definitely “going to be drama,” but just not as much. Looking back, Chrissy wonders why “[she] let them get me that angry,” reports MTV. Mmm, she says this after cooling off–remember how fired up she was in the past seasons?

It’s sad to see Chrissy & Joe leave “Love & Hip Hop” (which will be moved down to Atlanta, by the way), but be sure to check them out on their new show, coming soon!

Will Chrissy & Jim get along better now that they’re in a new show, or will the show downs from  “Love & Hip Hop” just continue? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

Not enough gossip? Get the full dish on MTV here!

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