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Madonna has got to be hands down, one of the sexiest performers out there. Just when we thought her lezbehonest kiss with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera back at the 2003 MTV VMA’s were sexy…she shocks us once again. This past weekend during her MDNA Tour, while performing her single “Human Nature,” the 53 year-old pop queen flashed the audience her ta ta. Yupp, the citizens of Istanbul, Turkey got a whole lot of boob action that night.

No disrespect, we love that your embracing your sexy Madonna. It feels as though nip slips in your 20’s in Hollywood is expected — a ‘haha’ factor/look at this hot mess/”is this for attention?” moment. Although nip slips in your 40’s is like PAUWSE. Did that — Is she — Wait… So then nip slips in your 50’s is like, oh wow…that could definitely be somebody’s mother. But then again, nip slips in general puts us all in panic mode or discomfort.

There has been footage released showing the performance and while most nip slips are accidental, it seems safe to say that the Material Girl intentionally exposed her goods. (Keep in mind this is somebody’s mother!) She also began to unzip the side of her trousers, but that’s as far as the peep show goes. Perhaps this is an act to one-up pop rival Lady Gaga? Keep Madonna young? Keep the fans on their toes? Let em know that Madonna isn’t going anywhere? WHO KNOWS.

Check out the footage below and see for yourself:

What do you think about Madonna’s ‘Girls Moms Gone Wild’ moment? An act of desperation or a typical Madonna move? Let us know, share your thoughts below and view the full story here for all the details.

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