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Well if it was hard enough having to accept the fact that Melanie and Derwin’s storyline on  “The Game,” was coming to end, now they want to replace our favorite couple with some newbies?! The BET show’s producers recently announced that they will be bringing on a new couple to parallel Mel and Derwin’s roles in season six. So instead of filling in their spots, there will be a new couple in town with a new messy love we got to follow. *cue the mysterious music*

We’re all left wondering, “how is this going to work?!” Well, according to reports the producers have developed a new female character named “Kiera” who is a 20-year-old former child star trying to discover her adult career. As for Derwin’s replacement, the show makers have created “Bryce,” an Ivy League draft pick running back (hmmm Derwin 2.0?) who has the good looks, athletic build, AND brains?  Say no more. Us ladies love the tall dark and handsome, but when you add some brains to that — you got us drooling for days.

What do you all think about the new characters? A genius direction, or a major fail in the making? Will you guys continue to watch the show? Let us know!

Share your thoughts below and check out the full article here on YBF.

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