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Selena Gomez is enjoying the good life–on the beach! The 19 year-old snatched the cover of Elle with a fabulous strapless corset top, adorned with golden folders. Of course, she had a coral-shaded lipstick as the final finish. Look how much Selena has grown since the  days of Wizards of Waverly Place!

Apparently Selena had a knack modeling since young! When she was just five years old, the “Naturally” singer recalls making a “bustier out of a bathing suit that [she] dyed black.” After some glue and glitter, she would not take it off. Uhm, Hello? A five-year-old creating her own line of sexy, glittery tops? Maybe it really was meant to be!

Of course, Selena had to mention some juicy details about her beau Justin Bieber. Remember how much Bieber fans attacked Selena in outrage and jealousy? Well that phase has passed and the more we learn about Selena, the more we love her and understand why he does, too. Selena hints off how great of a boyfriend Justin is by mentioning that he “really is a hopeless romantic,” reports Hollyscoop. Once she just mentioned that she’d like to see the Titanic again and the next thing you know, he rented out a theater so they could watch Jack and Rose’s love story together. This girl’s doing something right because Justin seems to be totally head-over-heels for her! Give us more tips, Selena!

What do you think about Selena & Justin’s relationship? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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