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If there’s one thing you don’t bring to a Kanye West concert, it’s a laser. But I mean, you shouldn’t be bringing lasers to concerts anyways… There has been leaked footage showing Yeezy publicly embarrassing a fan in the crowd during his “Flashing Lights” performance, after the fan pointed a laser in Sir Yeezy’s direction. FAIL.

We all know that Kanye is no stranger to voicing how he truly feels. After he told the fan once to quit “f*king with everybody’s show,” the fan kept pointing the laser at the stage and Yeezy just about popped off.

See the clip below:

Hey fan, lon the bright side, at least he didn’t publicly hand you a can of whoopass…

What do you guys think? Was Kanye having a diva moment? Or was that a validated pop off? You know what to do, let us know what you all think and check out the full story here on Vibe.

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