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Need some books to keep you busy over the long summer months? Ladies, add this piece to your list of readings–it’s going to have you hooked!

The Twitter Diaries is a short and sassy novel about two working ladies in their thirties, a U.K. sports TV reporter @TuesdayFields and a NY men’s shoe designer @StellaCavill, and how their friendship strengthens over the Internet–specifically, via Twitter. They meet just two times in one year; once during a New Year’s Eve party where they immediately click and become the best of friends, and another exactly a year later at the same party where life takes them in wildly different directions.

What’s so cool about this novel? The friendship between the two characters are built through Twitter accounts–that’s right, with just 140 characters over Twitter, these two busy ladies manage to share their lives together while separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

What’s even more amazing is that this novel is actually based on a true story of the two co-authors, Georgie Thompson and Imogen Lloyd Webber. The two met at a New Years Eve dinner and managed to live in different cities while managing a very 21st century friendship, per se. And as revealed in their press release, the co-authors wanted you to identity with the fabulous relationship that they have created through mere tweets! What better was is there to reveal the true power of modern technology and social networking?

The Twitter Diaries has it all: work, love, friendship and gossip. The 171 pages of tweets and sassy Twitter names (e.g. @MichaelAngeloMovie and @HugoPr1nce) will seem way too short once you’re done with the novel. It’s a must-read for ladies like us who are updated on the latest gossip and social networking; it represents the technology and entertainment of our time!

Can’t wait to read it? Well, be sure to check out Twitter Diaries on its official web here!

What are your experiences with long-distance friendships? Would love to hear your thoughts below!


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