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They say the older you are, the wiser you become, but it seems that as Brian McKnight’s getting older, he’s getting dirtier. Yes, we said dirtier.  Ohhhh Mr. Brian McKnight, where do we start… Remember those nice slow jams, the really romantic ones like “Back At One,” “Anytime,” or “The Only One For Me”? Well nowadays, Brian is heading in a different and much dirtier direction. Let’s just say he’s singing and writing about what’s uhhh… behind the scenes. 

He just released a track called “Anal.” No your eyes aren’t fooling you, it’s really called “Anal.” Apparently after he released his last XXX track called “Show Me How Your Pu**y Works,” the fans on were loving it so Brian decided to keep going down this explicit road.

Here’s a clip of the new song:

P.S. No need to make baby making playlists on your iPods, he’s putting together an adult mix tape.  [Whatever gets the bills paid…right?]

What do you all think of Brian’s new project? A mid-life crisis or a genius move? Share your comments below and read the full story here on YBF.

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