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Soo we saw the “Basketball Wives” finale unravel Monday night, and of course being the “Basketball Wives” the ladies ended the season with a bang. Evelyn and Jennifer had their final sit-down in hopes of bringing things to surface and find some sense of clarity, with the key term being “in hopes.” Now that the two can sort of agree to disagree, what does Jennifer have to say about the finale now? Earlier today she released a statement on her blog and said:

“Even though this has been a trying season, I hope at some point my cast mates can get along and be civil with one another. I will always appreciate Basketball Wives Season 4 and this time in my life for the abundant lessons learned and personal growth I was forced to face. We all have our own individual imperfections, but I also believe we all have a good heart.  As women of color it is important we uplift and support one another.  I wish all my cast mates continued success and best wishes with their future endeavors.”

Jennifer also stated that she feels her support system (Shaunie, Tami, and Suzie) were playing both sides, but she’s glad to see the season come to an end. Although the peaceful island setting didn’t bring the tranquility in sisterhood as we had hoped, the catty business is over for now. 

What do you all think? Did Jennifer’s statements just unleash round 10 between the #TeamEvelyn #TeamJennifer drama? Did the finale end as you would have liked?

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