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US President Barack Obama Visits The UK - Day One

The ‘View’ had a pleasant visit from our First Lady Michelle Obama, reports The YBF. During the show, Michelle promoted her new book “American Grown” that focuses on the White House garden she started growing three years ago. In the book, she talks about her personal struggles with keeping her family healthy within the walls of the White House. Mmm, too much of good food can hurt after all.

The First Lady also revealed some juicy secrets about her personal political goals. You’d think Michelle would get a little ambitious after her husband became the first African American President of the United States; but Michelle firmly revealed that she has no intentions of running for political office, reports the YBF. Instead, she wants to spend the rest of her lief working for military families. I guess Hilary Clinton won’t have a successor of wife-gone-political with Michelle here!

Of course, she couldn’t help but nag at as a little bit about healthy eating–she’s our national mother, after all! When provoked by the host of ‘The View’ of whether she might be pushing her image of the First Lady a little too far, Michelle just said, “I have to be my authentic self.” Really. It’s just in her nature to want to take care of others and actually be good at it–just accept it!

What do you think about Michelle Obama’s future plans? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

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