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For as long as we’ve known, Lady Gaga has always strived to be a role model for all of her ‘little monsters’ out there. However, some Islamic extremists in Indonesia don’t see it that way. According to TMZ, Gaga and her team have cancelled her concert in Jakarta, which was scheduled for June 3, after threats were made towards the pop star. The police even refused to issue a permit for the event, so Gaga really had no choice to cancel. Reports say that the extremists feel that Gaga is corrupting the younger generations through her “risqué costume and dance moves.” Oh word? Corrupting? Gaga wouldn’t be Gaga without the risqué accents, baby she was born this way… let her live.

The chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulema, Cholil Ridwan, also added that Gaga’s inappropriate behavior is “intended to destroy the nation’s morality.” Gaga responded to her fans through twitter and said  “I’m so very sorry to the fans and just as devastated as you if not more. You are everything to me. I will try to put together something special for you. My love for Indonesia has only grown.”

What do you guys think? Are they being a bit much with these accusations? Or is there some truth? Share your comments below and read the full article here on Vibe.

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