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There’s no doubt that despite their crazy antics and the unnecessary drama a.k.a thrown bottles and table hopping, the women of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” are making that cash roll. One of the newest wives, Kenya Bell, reportedly makes $300,000 from the show itself aside from the money she makes from the song “Fly” which was released on iTunes. Not bad right? Well guess who came back knocking on her door after he heard how much guap she was bringing in? Her estranged ex-husband and former NBA player, Charlie Bell. Mmmmmhm. Are we surprised?

According to reports, Kenya is making about THREE TIMES what Charlie is making as a ball player over in Italy. Although he’s got about a million in the bank, he still filed for spousal support for all the times he supported Kenya and the kids after their divorce… or when she wasn’t a reality star. If it wasn’t for Charlie, she wouldn’t even be on the show (not to mention that whole thing where she allegedly stabbed him with a box-cutter…oops?) but if he’s already got some money sitting in the bank, what’s he about to do with extra money? Buy himself back into the NBA? Hmmmm.

What do you all think? Does she owe him a cut of her check? Or is he being greedy? Share your comments below and read the full story here on Necole B.

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