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I suppose our little Justin Bieber is really growing up!

According to TMZ, a paparazzi was beat up by the ‘Baby’ singer; by the time the cops arrived though, Justin and his girl Selena Gomez were already gone. The paparazzi complained of upper torso pain and filed a police report saying that Justin was the cause to his pain.

The reason? Apparently the pap was blocking Justin’s car, trying to get a good photo of the lovely couple. A scuffle soon occurred when the photographer wouldn’t get out of the way, witnesses report to TMZ. And Justin Bieber’s representative continues to be silent…

Seems like a lot of the celebrities are Halle Berry-ing and getting rough with the paparazzi!

What do you think? Did Justin really give the paparazzi a good punch? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

Not enough gossip? Check out TMZ here!

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