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Before she was who she is today [we’ll leave that up to you to decide] Miss Kim Kardashian was styling all of the hottest stars with her fam’s clothing line DASH, so when she got with now boyfriend, Kanye West, we all thought they were a match made in Heaven – personality and fashion wise. Right? Sources are saying that Kanye is actually giving his girl some fashion tips, telling her she could step her game up, or basically what he’s getting at is “Uhhh ‘scuse me Kim, you look good and all, but I think you need to be more daring.”

She was seen last night at the Pool After Dark party in Atlantic City wearing a sexy black dress with a lace back, going braless, and rocking some sky high Louboutin heels. The Sun reports that Kanye feels Kim is playing it too safe with her wardrobe, even to the point where he’s picking out her outfits. Looks like the tables have turned. We know, we’ve heard it before “no one on the corner got swagga” like Mr. Yeezy, but whatever you do Kim, please don’t let him convince you to shave your head and bleach it blonde…JUST SAYING!

What do you all think? Does Kanye need to butt his way out of Kim’s wardrobe decisions? Or will this actually help her image? Share your thoughts below and read the full article here.

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