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“Flava Flav” William J. Drayton had plenty of cash to spend on his ladies for ‘Flavor of Love,’ but apparently not on his children! He is $111,186 behind on his child support payments, reports TMZ. I’m sure it wasn’t a money problem (a.k.a. look at his bling bling ‘$’ necklace and golden teeth) that held Flava Flav back from coughing up  the required payment of $837.72  a week.

Hollywood stars can be excused for doing a lot of crazy things, but being behind on child support? That’s just not cool–it’s your own kid! If he doesn’t pay up, Flava Flav is going to end up in jail for 180 days. He’s already missed a court hearing and consequently had his driver’s license and passport. Maybe the jail time will put some sense into his head!

Why do you think Flava Flav hasn’t paid up? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

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